Getting Lashes During Pregnancy

Is it Safe to get Eyelash Extensions during Pregnancy?

Being an expectant mother can be stressful at the best of times and especially so during the first trimester of pregnancy. There are many things that a new mother must now consider not just for the health of themselves but also for their unborn child.

There are many instances of small pleasures that you might need to give up but does this mean that you’ll need to give up your eyelash extensions? Will you have to say goodbye to beautiful lashes for duration of your pregnancy? Not necessarily….

Firstly we suggest that you consult with your Eyelash Technician about the potential dangers of any chemical products and ingredients being used in your eyelash extension treatment.  An experienced / qualified therapist will be able to guide you through the process working together to find pregnancy-safe solutions for you. 

Potential risks of Lash Extension applications during Pregnancy:

1 – Lying down on the Treatment bed for too long

Some Eyelash Extensions Treatments can take 1-3 hours during a single treatment which could be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for an expecting mum.  It is recommended to avoid lying on your back too long during pregnancy especially after the 20-Week mark during your pregnancy.

2 – Sensitivity to chemical products

It is advised during pregnancy to avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Unfortunately in the application of Eyelash Extensions, it is inevitable that some of these chemicals are being used in the preparation and application of Eyelash Extensions. As there is currently no definitive research into the effects of Eyelash Extension Adhesives during in pregnancy – if you’d rather not risk it – and for your peace of mind, it may be best to forego your eyelash extension appointments until your new addition arrives.

This could be a great opportunity to let your lashes have a break and use our 100% natural Lash & Brow Growth Serum to grow your strong healthy lashes while taking a break from extensions.

3 – Allergy to Eyelash Extension Adhesives

If you’re a first-time mother and a first-time lash client, you may need to reconsider if getting eyelash extensions is for you. If you were to end up having an allergic reaction to the eyelash extension adhesive, it could potentially be much harder to treat when pregnant. Expectant mothers are often limited with the types of medications that they can take during pregnancy with some types of medications having the potential to harm unborn children.

If you’re expecting and you’ve had eyelash extensions before without any issue, it is likely you will be ok. For your own peace of mind an allergy / patch test should be completed at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.

If after reading this and deciding you still wanted to proceed with an Eyelash Extension Application, consult with your Lash Technician about the possibility of lying on your side for the application procedure / treatment.

Guidelines and Suggestions for Therapists

As an Eyelash Extension Professional, the utmost priority is the safety and comfort of your customer and their unborn child. For clients wishing to book an appointment, we can suggest the following:

  • Complete thorough Client Consultation including explanation of risks
  • Include in Client Consultation Form any relevant discussion notes
  • Ensure Client Completes and Signs Waiver with Disclaimer for Pregnancy
  • Always complete and record a patch test at least 48 hours prior to Booking
  • Use only freshly opened Eyelash Adhesives.
  • Allow Client opportunity to take breaks during treatment
  • Allocate enough additional appointment time that might apply
  • Suggest Eyelash Extension alternatives such as 100% Natural Lash & Brow Serum
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