Lash-Lift Perming FAQ

We often receive calls enquiring about about procedures, tips and tricks for the Lash-Lift Perming Treatment so we have put together a list of the most common questions and answers relating to the Products, Solutions and Storage of Lash Lift Products.

Q: Why can the Lash Lift Perming Solutions change in colour?
Ans: The colour pigment of the Lash-Lift Solutions helps differenciate between the Perming Solution (Pink) and the Setting Solution (Blue). These pigments will fade slowly when exposed to light. The Pink color will gradually become lighter after about 12 months whereas the Blue color solution gradually becomes lighter after around 8 months.

Q: Why would the Lash-Lift Solutions Fade Quickly?
Ans: This will happen when the product has been stored or exposed exposed beyond temperature of 32°C and the solutions will fade quickly

Q: Is the Perming Solution still usable when the colours fade away?
Ans: Yes, it is still usable and will not in fact affect the performance of the perming solutions.

Q: What is the best way to store the Lash Lift Perming and Setting Lotions?
Ans: Keep the lotions stored in cool/dry place and avoid contact with any direct sunlight. The performance can last for 2-3 years from manufacturing date if packing them with paper and maintaining the temperature at 24°C -28°C.

Q: Once opened, how long can I use the Perming and Setting Lotions for?
Ans:For optimal use, we suggest using each of the Perming and Setting lotions within 3-6 Months once they have been opened. Remember to replace cap tightly and to store in cool/dark place.

Q: Why does the Lash Not Curl after the Lash Lift Procedure?
Ans: 1). This could depends on the individuals hair makeup / constitution. Some hair is Not easy curled.
2) If the lashes are too long, thick, heavy and strong, it will be harder to get curled. In this case, you may need to increase the volume of solutions being used on the clients lashes and/or extending the time on each step.

Q: The Lash Lift hasn’t worked can I do it again?
Ans: Yes, it is possible if the lashes have not been damaged. The Therapist will need to check and confirrm this. If not damaged, therapists could repeat the treatment however they should halve (½) the timings on solutions that were previously used. Example leave Pink on on for 5 minutes when initial time was 10 minutes or leave 7.5 minutes if the original time was 15 minutes.

Optimum Storage Temperature for Lash Lift Perming Products is between 24°C ~ 28°C

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